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Welcome, this is a personal watch design website. My name is Alexander Mitiuc. I do the work I love and enjoy it very much.
To realize my ideas I use 3D graphics which can show the final product look precisely. My graphic design experience is more than 10 years and still I don't stop to perfect myself and I'm constantly searching for the new forms and ideas.

If you like to create your own watch I can help you with this. But the process itself - from sketch till ready files for execution can take up to 2 months. This is rather a labour-intensive process where one should pay attention to the small details. It is very important for me that your product would have an ideal quality.

The most interesting watches in the process of development are mechanical ones with the different complications and golden and jewels fragments. To create luxury watches is the real art. Of course, I’m quite good at the mechanics which lets me understand the work of the mechanisms and the parts of the watches. Also, all this lets me think out the new decisions in the architecture and the watch information representation.

The watch defines your style which is very individual. Watch brands mostly use classical design standards for conquering the large audience. Yet, if you create something new with the unique design the price for such a product can be very high. Tell me which watch design you wish to realise and I will help you to create the product stunning the imagination. Please, take a little bit of your time for looking through my portfolio.
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