Principles of processing miniature flat parts with laser
processing miniature flat parts with laser

Laser cutting is used for the precision machining of formed parts which otherwise cannot be processed simply because they are too hard, small or fragile. The method of laser cutting for metals is successfully used to process complex piece parts.

What is the principle of the laser machine? Computer controlled machine controls laser head, moving along the surface of the in-process part. This arrangement is called a coordinate table.

Laser cutting technology has been introduced in use fairly recently. It has a lot of advantages over mechanical and electrical, as well as gas-thermal methods of cutting, punching and blanking. High precision and ease-of-operation make it possible to obtain three-dimensional and complex designs. At a relatively low cost laser cutting allows obtaining high-quality products.

Because there is no contact with the surface of the part, during laser cutting the material is not deformed. In addition, due to CNC you can carry out a serial production of parts as well as smoothly change the settings of the cutting and machining process.

Laser cutting may be used not only for cutting metal, but also for cutting other materials – it may be wood or cloth, leather or plastic, as well as cardboard.

All laser cutters have high accuracy. The advantages include: non-contact cutting and lack of mechanical effect on the part during cutting, the minimum area of thermal influence and lack of overheating of the workpiece. Also, this method allows obtaining very small parts – gaskets, hands, dials, covers.