Branding and supporting materials :

1 - Creation of a new watch brand : Brand name, Slogan, Logo Design.
2 - Creation of corporate identity.
3 - Website design and programming. Uploading materials.
4 - Creation hight quality 2D or 3D images.
5 - Creation 3D movie animation up to 3 minutes.

Watch design :

1 - Creation of a new watch, creation personal elements and style for a new watch brand.
2 - Creation of a new watch, using existing brand style.
3 - Small watch design work : dial, hands, crown , case , strap e.t.c.
4 - Packaging : Design of a watch box .

Production development :

1 - Creation of CAD files and technical drawlings needed for production.
2 - Control and counseling.


Watch design concept (workflow)
At this stage, a polygonal 3D model is created. This sort of model is perfect for the future vision of the final product and necessary corrections can also be made very quickly.

a) We discuss the future style and shape of the watch, and the client prepares a technical assignment, based upon which I can begin work.

b) It all starts with drawings. Step by step I assemble the 3D model of the watch. During the course of the work, I regularly send intermediary stages of the work to the client, and if any corrections need to be made – I do it.

c) As soon as the 3D model of the watch is ready, I start choosing the materials and colors. This is also discussed each time.

d) Once the design is completely approved, I send the client the 3D model and the drawings with dimensions. The 3D model is simplified to only show the watch’s outer appearance. This 3D model may be used for production, but sometimes it requires some engineering improvements, such as movement fastening, button mechanism, etc.

Engineering preparation of the model.
At this stage, the model is rendered into a different format (*.step), and is completely recreated. The engineer calculates the precise dimensions of the parts of the watch case, fastening elements, and dial elements (except for the operating movement). This model is suitable for most automatic manufacturing machines.

Creating images and animated videos.
If necessary, I create high-quality presentation images.
Animation can be simple (a flight of the camera around the watch) or complex, when we can see the process of watch assembly from all elements. The video format can be of any kind, but the most appropriate is FullHD 30 fps.

How can you prepare the technical assignment for the designer ?

a) First, you should select the type of watch (classic conservative, electronic, smart watch, sports, military, innovative, luxury, or exclusive). The watch design may be of any style. For example, it could have ancient Roman patterns, or patterns of any other ancient cultures, for that matter, or instead, it could have conservative European design elements if that’s more suitable.

b) Next, you need to consider what functions your watch could have, as well as what unusual features it might have. If you have difficulty with this issue, just give a few examples of watches that you like.

c) Then, you should consider what materials may be used in the watch (plastic, steel, gold, gemstones, etc.).

d) And then you should decide which movement will be used. If you have your own shop and can make any complex movement, then you can carry out a huge number of experiments. If you are going to use a ready movement, then it is necessary to determine which model of the movement will be used (this is important in order to design the watch case correctly)

e) Finally, you must consider what types of straps you would like to use (rubber, leather, steel, etc.). If you cannot decide on some issues, we can find the best solutions during the course of our discussions.

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